Miss Sophia’s Pretty New Desk

Goodness, it’s been a little over a week with no new post-sorry!

Miss Sophia worked on this little desk and turned it into a real charmer-again with her new technique for the top and CCC’s Young Kansas Wheat.  Love all the drawers!  The lines are charming and the drawers are spacious.  The perfect place to write a letter (a book?) , do homework, explore the Internet….


IMG_9699Happy November, everyone!

CeCe Caldwell’s Young Kansas Wheat Buffet or Sideboard

Another of my year-long storage pieces, this one has FINALLY hit the store.  It had (once upon a time –  long, long ago) gorgeous trim in numerous places but it was so fragile it could only be removed, not repaired.  After much gluing, sanding and painting – not to mention waxing – here she is in all her glory with a little stenciling around the cabinet door pulls to add a bit of charm.



Oh, by the way, that top drawer is 5 FEET long!