New Year’s Resolution – Stop Ignoring this Blog!!

In other words, make a little time to keep it up or say goodbye!  I’ve had this blog a long time but this year has put me to the test when it comes to making entries!

No excuses, but since we closed the shop and are in just two spaces in the mall, there has been lots of freed up time to do other things and spend time with other people and we have!

Now to get back to the business of blogging!

First project completed in 2017 – a sad little Ethan Allen cabinet in need of a makeover and some redesigning.  The top was heavily damaged and there is some separation of the boards on the side that were driving the hubby crazy but I thought it perfect for Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood, some chipping and distressing and a new reclaimed wood top courtesy of that hubby!

No before pictures because all this work has to happen inside due to winter weather but here is the reveal in the mall:

Resolution #2 – get that garage to a place where the work can happen out there and not in the family room, kitchen or bathroom!

Have a terrific week!

A DIY Hall Tree – finally!

I admit to “directing” my husband.  I KNOW he can do things for me and I just have to make him aware of that fact (he is more confident now I will admit).  This is the latest project.

It’s back to being rainy here in Oregon – sorry for the pictures.


I have a thing for collecting bits and pieces of things I love –  old coat hooks, chippy doors, thick old mirrors – so I have some on hand at all times.  We brainstormed lots of ideas  for the bench part and nothing made me happy.  Until I found this box someone else had upcycled from what I think is not one, but two old sewing machine cabinets!

Some white paint, some nuts and bolts, four old hooks, a wonderful old mirror and feet for the box and voila!




Thanks, honey – you take direction well!

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Beautiful Antique Drop Front Desk!

New in the shop, this lovely piece underwent extensive restoration and is beautifully updated in ASCP Versailles with dark wax.  Note the wonderful details!  Imagine sitting here using your laptop or iPad to browse your favorite blogs on the internet or (heaven forbid) pay bills.  It would almost be a pleasure to do that chore!  Miss Trixie and Mr M – you outdid yourselves!

overall look at it

closeup of the details

She added this to make it more user-friendly


And they worked their magic in the bedroom too!

Thank goodness!  I can find it, I can fix it, I can restore or refurbish it and I have a good eye for that.  Ask me to arrange it and I can fail (miserably).  I can clean and dust and primp but the big things throw me so:


~ Sold ~

And the BIG picture (hmm..need to get that panoramic app for my phone…)

Stay tuned for more!