I am overdue in posting but I have an excuse….

This weather and this month depress me.  After many years in Alaska where the month of March is endless and dark, I have enjoyed Oregon so very much until this year!!

This is happening despite the snow and colder temperatures

My mind refuses to think and I find it hard to be enthusiastic about much other than these:

our granddaughters

 I have decided just since writing this that I am blessed in so many ways and know nasty cold and snowy weather is only a temporary thing!  Have a great week all!!!!

Colorful corners throughout the shop!

Just a few colorful spots in the shop at present.  There will be new pictures of other rooms next week-I have the weekend off so I hope to shop, paint and relax with the granddaughters!

love that green!

a great wire stand filled with cool stuff!

Easter and spring time and sunshine (please!) on one table

Some new tablescapes

Love it when the gals have been decorating and I walk into a fresh new space!  Lots of springs and lots of St. Valentine’s colors in at the moment-we’ve sold a bunch, too, but there is still a lot to choose from and new things arrive all the time.

A new look on the mantle

A terrific Spring wreath on the table

Some sweet St. Valentines items ~ cabinet SOLD ~

We love all of the holidays!