Vintage Berry Carts

Found a few of these little carts the other day (they found me, rather) and I immediately fell in love!  Rusty red painted metal, red wheel and in pretty nice condition!

little vintage berry cart

little vintage berry cart

I am keeping one or two and the hubs is building some boxes from cedar boards so that these cuties can be used as flower boxes perhaps.

so dang cute!

so dang cute!

I love them!

Time for another update…

This has been a super busy month and in between family and friend events, we have been working on many pieces for the upcoming Anniversary/Memorial Day Sale at South End Antique Mall in Aurora where I am back at home.  Here are two pictures of some finished projects that we have stashed for the sale!


Many more are waiting to be cleaned and there is a mixture of finished and almost finished hanging out in my yard! (And keeping it real:  in the garage, the shed and almost every room in the house too!  I hope all this stuff sells!!)

As promised, the patio!


Or parts of it since there is a lot of it!  We are loving all the plants~thank you, Miss Ida Rose!

lovely ladder!
great garden cart!
huge birdcage!
pansies in a potty!
the prettiest toolbox ever!!!!

We are so enjoying the sunshine!!

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