Short and Sweet Makeover

Found this on Monday, hubby sanded and I brought it in on Tuesday to do a little makeover on.  I love those makeovers that take only a little time – mostly spent waiting for paint to dry!  I always paint two coats on a piece and this is a current favorite color.


Before – sanded and washed


After two coats but before distressing to add some character:



And finished – perfect for a bedside table!

IMG_2651-001 - CopyWe think she is adorable!

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Old Stereo Cabinet Conversion – New Media Center

The husband has worked off and on for months to complete this conversion!  Finally finished, we brought it into the shop today.  Before pictures below.


I really am surprised he thought to try this conversion!

zenith 2

This was a piece that was extremely heavy due to the phonograph, radio and huge speaker originally found inside the mahogany cabinet.  The doors on top opened from top to bottom to allow access to the phonograph and radio.  Both sides needed shelves installed to cover the holes left from pulling the equipment out.  One of the bottom doors was fixed in place because of the speaker behind it and both were covered in filthy fabric.  Shelves were installed here too, I believe, and he added a back where there had not been one.


Voila – finished cabinet!IMG_2654

All four doors open now

All four doors open now-the bottom two are open for access by remote

This turned out beautifully and can be very useful now – we think of it as a media cabinet, of course.  It can be used for other things too.

End of story:  He says he will never do another one regardless of how inexpensive the cabinet is (I didn’t not bring it home to him).  He did learn how to convert fixed doors, change their configuration, remove old stereo stuff and that his wife complains (loudly!) when things are too heavy (in her opinion) to easily move around.

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A DIY Hall Tree – finally!

I admit to “directing” my husband.  I KNOW he can do things for me and I just have to make him aware of that fact (he is more confident now I will admit).  This is the latest project.

It’s back to being rainy here in Oregon – sorry for the pictures.


I have a thing for collecting bits and pieces of things I love –  old coat hooks, chippy doors, thick old mirrors – so I have some on hand at all times.  We brainstormed lots of ideas  for the bench part and nothing made me happy.  Until I found this box someone else had upcycled from what I think is not one, but two old sewing machine cabinets!

Some white paint, some nuts and bolts, four old hooks, a wonderful old mirror and feet for the box and voila!




Thanks, honey – you take direction well!

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MMS’s Boxwood Chair

Using up the last little bit of the first envelope of Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood milk paint, I mixed a scant 4 tablespoons in water in such a not-so-fancy container!

Stir, stir, stir to get it mixed!

Stir, stir, stir to get it mixed!

The chair is cleaned and not very pretty in this shot::


The paint is on and this is definitely the not-so-pretty stage!

IMG_2651-001Ta-da!  Distressed, chippy-ness and hemp oil to finish!


I LOVE MMS’s Milk Paint!

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Such a lovely marriage….

Miss Sophia’s latest dining room set is a “marriage” and it is so lovely!  The table is  almost an antique, has a lovely pedestal base and is a pretty dark brown.

Enter the chairs:  Found at a totally different sale, they needed updating with gorgeous blue paint that totally compliments the new fabric on the seats and looks beautiful with the dark stain – especially since she glazed them in an umber color!


closeup of the upcycled chair

closeup of the upcycled chair

Happy New Year!

We never know what the New Year might bring but I have always thought it an opportunity to get beyond whatever was dragging on me last year, start over and surge ahead!

I really never have made resolutions per se, but I have resolved to make changes in the future when contemplating a new calendar.  Making resolutions seems to be setting yourself up for failure in my opinion.  I do resolve to do better but I leave the plan open.

That being said I do resolve to post more often on this neglected blog!

First new pieces of furniture into the shop are:

Miss Sophia's darling bookcase with the barn-board backing

Miss Sophia’s darling bookcase with the barn-board backing

Miss Ssdie's 4 drawer dresser in classic black

Miss Ssdie’s 4 drawer dresser in classic black

Miss Sophia's Mid Century hutch done in charcoal with areas of original finish for contrast.

Miss Sophia’s Mid Century hutch done in charcoal with areas of original finish for contrast.

The weather has turned cold after such a long, hot summer so we are painting in the house again at home.  New vanity and a gorgeous headboard are among the new projects being worked on at my house…stay tuned!

A Quick Nightstand Makeover

Purchased recently at a local estate sale, I love the lines of this piece but that original finish was a bit boring!



Enter some Homeplate chalk paint, a little distressing and a little waxing:


So much prettier now and you can actually appreciate the lovely lines!



Made by R. Veal & Sons here in Albany Oregon – a few miles south of Salem.  They closed their doors in the 1980’s after generations of furniture production.Terrific construction and solid maple, I adore their furniture whenever I am lucky enough to find it.  Maple seems to need a little pizzazz to perk it up.  Add some paint and you are good to go!

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I Painted the Cushion on a Bench!

II tried a few years back to paint the fabric of a chair but the instructions were so vague at the time that it didn’t work out.  This time, thanks to tutorials online, it worked like a charm!  Took a bit more paint than I thought it would and several more coats but I was using a lighter color paint over a darker fabric so that may be why.


IMG_2651Two coats are on:



It took about 4 coats to cover every last bit of the deeper colored stripes.  The paint -American Paint Company’s Smoke Signal-was mixed half and half with water.  I spritzed water on the fabric before I painted the first coat.




And done!  Dried and slightly buffed – LOVE the fact that the stripes are still on there (the texture part I mean):


The fabric is much more firm than it was before the paint and wax.  It almost feels like heavy taffeta.  Supple and not crackly.

Will I try it again?  Definitely!!!

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I wonder where the piece of furniture I have been lucky enough to find originated.  This gorgeous black dresser is one of those pieces.  There is no furniture manufacturer’s signature I can find anywhere.  It was only when painting the back hubby noticed the US Navy mark.

Having been raised in the Air Force it immediately made me think about the furniture we used at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska in the late 1960’s.  Similar in wood (mahogany), the furniture issued us from Base Housing wasn’t quite this quality. (Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to have every piece we had then NOW!)

Perhaps it belonged in an officer’s quarters somewhere?  At one time there was a mirror – I can see where it attached.  The drawers are lovely, the casters are original, the drawers are huge and slide easily still.  Love the lines!

We painted it in classic black (General Finishes’ Lampblack) because the finish needed help.  It would make a lovely sideboard in your dining room or serve as an awesome dresser as it was designed to do.  Put a flat screen television on top, hinge the drawer fronts and you have access with your remotes!


Closeup - see those legs and casters?

Closeup – see those legs and casters?


Wonderful hardware!


One of the smaller drawers – lovely condition!

If anyone has further information, please share!  Happy October!!

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A busy month!

And it is almost over and I have only shared with you once-sorry!!

We rushed to get the shop ready for fall and Halloween because there was a magazine shoot in here recently.  Now it’s like” hmmm, what to do until Christmas???”  So we keep bringing in and selling lots of furniture as usual.  Here are some recent pieces:



Cute writing desk and chair in our favorite RED!

Matching RED bookcase

Matching RED bookcase


RED cabinet with baskets

RED cabinet with baskets

Piano bench updated in RED with recycled fence plank top

Piano bench updated in RED with recycled fence plank top

And lest you think we only paint in red:

A funky black shelf unit

A funky black shelf unit


A beautiful blue dresser

A beautiful blue dresser


A tall grey shelf unit (and it really doesn't lean like that!)

A tall grey shelf unit (and it really doesn’t lean like that!)

Just a few of the new things here and I promise to try to post more often!!