Pretty Old White High Boy Dresser ~SOLD~

This is another of those pieces without a before picture-again, picture brown blah and boring.  Fresh Old White chalk paint and a little dark wax to highlight its lines along with the original hardware make it much more noteworthy!

Six good sized drawers to store all your clothing too!

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More Coco!

Coco and Old White is wonderful!  Add a bit of dark wax for drama and your paint job is practically perfect!  (We think that at least!)  Okay-enough with the exclamation points…here are the pictures of the latest pieces in Annie Sloan’s Coco.

Ordinary vintage French Provincial updated with this fresh new color.  Though there are no before pictures, they are hardly necessary.

The white looks great with the coco, doesn’t it?

Miss Tobi has taken larger space

She and our very own Annie Sloan stockist have joined forces!  They will be using the space to sell their own projects as well as make the paint and wax available to their customers.  Here are a few of the new pieces:

A darling music cabinet done in Emperor's Silk ~SOLD!

Beautifully done in Duck Egg with gold

Dresser and mirror done in Paris Grey and Graphite

Display cabinet in Graphite

Cute tea cart in Henrietta

Overnight stand in Old White

We shall keep you posted on more Annie Sloan pieces!

A Lovely Versatile Piece of Furniture

Miss Sophia brought this piece freshly painted in ASCP Old White and waxed in a combo of light and dark waxes (she’s REALLY good at hitting the accents!).  I thought at first “oh, cool buffet piece”.  Those end pieces that raise add a bunch of extra serving space!  Great storage below and in the drawers too!  ~ SOLD! ~

Since then I’ve thought of a few more ways to use it.

Pretty, huh?

 I thought it would be great for a flat screen tv with all those component pieces below-great access with wireless remotes and drawers for dvds,  games, controllers, etc.

And how about in a bathroom holding baskets for all those hair things like dryers, curling irons, crimpers, straighteners…  Or holding rolls of tissue, stacks of towels and loads of table space for jars of pretties like soap, cotton balls, q-tips (pretty ?).

In a baby’s nursery for a changing table with lots of storage for diapers, blankets, sheets, towels and drawers for small items.

In an entry way for holding baskets or boxes for mittens, keys, mail, homework, etc!

See, lots of uses – most importantly it is gorgeous!!!!

From Start to Finish ~

I saw a really great project on someone’s blog last year but could I find it again to give her credit-No-I’m so sorry!!  I loved the idea and it has taken me this long to find the perfect wood container.  Imagine her filled with dried flowers!

Dirty, dark brown but a great shape!

Again with the Annie Sloan Chalk paint~

First coat of Old White

Second coat and an applique I found in my stash

And the finished project~

Distressed, waxed and the inside lined in book pages

Now she is ready for a new home!

ASCP Old White Cabinet

So far, I’ve only used Annie Sloan’s Old White but I intend to use more of her colors in the future.  The antique bed set I painted first used up an entire can so I was almost afraid to paint this cabinet-but I do have some left!

I sent the hub after her and told him I did not want to pay what they were asking because of the work (and dirt) involved so he did his best and I am very happy with the deal!  (Sorry – no before picture – I was excited!)

cute keyhole detail at top

glass knob - two adjustable shelves

matching keyhole at the bottom

Not too bad for the dirtiest pink cabinet I have ever seen, huh?  Too bad a big patch of the original paint was missing because it had the most wonderful natural crackle but no way to duplicate or repair it.  Otherwise, I would have scrubbed her good and called it done!

Thank you Annie Sloan for no sanding or priming!