A gift to us!

Here she is!

Here she is!


A closeup of the lion's head

A closeup of the lion’s head


The back - new hardware, new nailheads

The back – new hardware, new nail head trim on the new upholstery


Not how we were gifted, but it turns out looking like this after some hard work and some new parts!

First of all Miss Evie manufactured a new seat cushion and revamped the seat back.  LOVE the nail head trim.  I think her choice of fabric is inspired!  (Little does she know – we are planning to put her talent to good use after this!)

Some stripped out screw holes needed filling and re-drilling.  Some new hardware needed to be ordered (by far the biggest expense – but so pretty!) and attached.  Some old hardware needed to be reattached after some bizarre slotted very sharp screws were finally removed with vice grips (again, our Miss Evie!)

Other than that a good cleaning and waxing restored beauty but not perfection because she is OLD after all!!!! (Miss Evie is stressing a little over some filler that didn’t quite match but she is OLD!)  Very comfortable seating and here she is in her new glory!

Thank you to the ladies who brought her to us confident, I hope, that we could make her useful and lovely again!