Huge Wooden Bowl – Before and After

Found this gigantic bowl in a junk shop locally earlier this week and I LOVED the size – poor thing was all dried and pale though.





I wasn’t too worried about it because in my arsenal I have Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil.  What I didn’t realize was how little I actually had left in the tin!  Thank goodness it was just enough to do the bowl!  I have to order more because I have a whole stack of vintage cutting boards at home waiting to be treated.



Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp oil is invaluable in this business for refreshing tired, dry wood – drawers, cutting boards, bowls, anything really.  AND it is food safe so those cutting boards will be put back into use soon!

More Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Projects

Found these chairs at a local garage sale earlier this summer and decided to turn them into planter chairs because it was hard enough to get the broken caning out and I certainly don’t have the time to teach myself to cane right now.  They are old, cool and VERY sturdy!  Standing up to the weather (and bird droppings nicely!)

One is painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green and the other in Boxwood-both fabulous greens! They are clear coated  with spray shellac.  Hubby made a planter holder of chicken wire and then went shopping for planters which were dwindling in stock at the time.  They look great together though.




Luckett's Green - check out the details!

Luckett’s Green – check out the details!