In the Pacific Northwest, we have a bunch of cloudy days

so we always try to have a bunch of cute lamps!  They brighten our days, our shop and our customers love to take them home and brighten theirs they say.


this pair is SOLD-thank you!


As you can see, there are all shapes and sizes and these are only a few of those in the dining room and living room.  Plenty more throughout the rest of the shop, believe me …  all with the same purpose-to shed some light!

A belated Welcome to our newest vendor – Miss Addie!!

We are a little late mentioning it but we have a new vendor and she’s a terrific addition to the shop!  In a small space upstairs, she’s loaded it with treasure and graciously shares her decorating talents with us throughout the store!  Here’s just a taste:

A lovely collection

Look closely at that darling bird plate!

Did you see the tiny lyre player?

Come and see all our new things before they are gone!