New Things in the shop this week!

You can tell we’ve been working hard on new projects – I still have another in the works.

Miss Sophia’s Projects:


Table painted in the Driftwood style

Table painted in the Driftwood style



APC’s Coral Reef dresser with dark stained top 



Beautiful white dresser 



Pretty little two drawer nightstand in APC’s Coral Reef 

Miss Evie’s largest project lately:


Buffet painted in APC's Freedom Road with original stain doors and drawer

Buffet painted in APC’s Freedom Road with original stain doors and drawer

Miss Sadie’s latest project:

Cute table with drawer painted in APC's Sackcloth and dark waxed for age

Cute table with drawer painted in APC’s Sackcloth and dark waxed for age

New Furniture in the shop!

There were a couple days of nice weather lately so everyone was painting and here are a few pictures of new items:

a gorgeous coffee table ~SOLD~

closeup of the details

in a previous life a sewing machine table complete with machine-now a writing desk

an antique table upcycled in ASCP Duck Egg

French Provincial dresser and mirror in Duck Egg and Old White

sweet chest of drawers in ASCP Antoinette ~SOLD~

a darling telephone table complete with vintage phone!

French Provincial lingerie chest in ASCP Coco and Old White ~SOLD~

cute little nightstand in ASCP Paris Grey mixed with Graphite ~SOLD~

cute chest of drawers in ASCP Paris Grey

drum table in ASCP Graphite ~SOLD~

And there will be more in days ahead we will share with you!

Just in – Sophia has been painting again!

This terrific vintage side table has been freshly painted and antiqued to bring it up to date.  The removable slate top is hand painted with a clock face motif and we just adore it!


a closeup of the top ~SOLD~

The weather seems to be changing for the better so lots more new to us furniture will be making its way into the shop, we hope!  Everyone has been working as fast as they can between showers so some extended nice weather will be much appreciated!

It’s the first day of school

and it’s a bit overcast and dark and there have been sprinkles off and on.  I hope that makes it easier for kids who have had a gorgeous August at home here in Oregon!  Makes it hard for those of us who were counting on painting furniture outside today.  Take a break, hubby!

We worked on several pieces over the weekend but I only had one completely done to bring into the shop today.  Here it is:

Great size to tuck in lots of places

Funny story about how it came to be ours.  You could call it serendipity and the hubby and I chuckled when the previous owner used that word in our conversation.  We didn’t find anything at the garage sale next door to her but her dog initiated our conversation and she invited us to return in a couple of weeks for her sale.  Meanwhile I had scoped out the pile of treasure in her garage and mentioned my interest.  At her invitation we inspected the interesting legs peeking out of one stack and voila!  It was ours.

great details


a darling shaped top

stole my heart.  A few minor repairs, fresh paint and a bit of sanding renewed the beauty of this piece and now it can be yours!

Have a great week and enjoy the new school year, kiddos (and parents!)!!