South End Antique Mall

I love being back at South End!  The time that I used to devote to Serendipity I can now split between several things-including my grandbabies!  (They are not so little anymore so I am happy to spend more time with them!)   I don’t regret the time I spent at the shop but I am glad it is more my own now.  Saying that, I really miss our customers and our vendors!!

It is fun to work in a mall or a shop and I have been doing that regularly lately-yesterday we spent a big chunk of it changing the entry from summer to farm on our way to fall I believe.  Here are some iPhone pictures to show you what Connie and I were up to between customers and vendors.


LOVE this old hoosier type cabinet!


Too late I realized I left without a picture of the fabulous graphics on the other side! Rescued from a burn pile!!


That wheelbarrow……. (the cord is tucked away now too)


Another wonderful old kitchen center!


Great farm table and chicken stuff!

se3 se5Now I have the best of both worlds – the chance to “play” at the shop and spend more of my time elsewhere!