A Lovely Versatile Piece of Furniture

Miss Sophia brought this piece freshly painted in ASCP Old White and waxed in a combo of light and dark waxes (she’s REALLY good at hitting the accents!).  I thought at first “oh, cool buffet piece”.  Those end pieces that raise add a bunch of extra serving space!  Great storage below and in the drawers too!  ~ SOLD! ~

Since then I’ve thought of a few more ways to use it.

Pretty, huh?

 I thought it would be great for a flat screen tv with all those component pieces below-great access with wireless remotes and drawers for dvds,  games, controllers, etc.

And how about in a bathroom holding baskets for all those hair things like dryers, curling irons, crimpers, straighteners…  Or holding rolls of tissue, stacks of towels and loads of table space for jars of pretties like soap, cotton balls, q-tips (pretty ?).

In a baby’s nursery for a changing table with lots of storage for diapers, blankets, sheets, towels and drawers for small items.

In an entry way for holding baskets or boxes for mittens, keys, mail, homework, etc!

See, lots of uses – most importantly it is gorgeous!!!!