New Year’s Resolution – Stop Ignoring this Blog!!

In other words, make a little time to keep it up or say goodbye!  I’ve had this blog a long time but this year has put me to the test when it comes to making entries!

No excuses, but since we closed the shop and are in just two spaces in the mall, there has been lots of freed up time to do other things and spend time with other people and we have!

Now to get back to the business of blogging!

First project completed in 2017 – a sad little Ethan Allen cabinet in need of a makeover and some redesigning.  The top was heavily damaged and there is some separation of the boards on the side that were driving the hubby crazy but I thought it perfect for Miss Mustard Seed’s Boxwood, some chipping and distressing and a new reclaimed wood top courtesy of that hubby!

No before pictures because all this work has to happen inside due to winter weather but here is the reveal in the mall:

Resolution #2 – get that garage to a place where the work can happen out there and not in the family room, kitchen or bathroom!

Have a terrific week!

Now, That’s Some Chippy Paint!!

I have told you all before how much I love Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint but it had never really chipped for me like I had seen on other pages and pieces of furniture.  Until Saturday, that is!  Take one really old brown dresser and mix up some milk paint….




It was going to be Luckett’s Green but I didn’t have quite enough to measure a half cup so I added some Boxwood to make up the difference.  Then I mixed and stirred and shook and began to paint.  Nothing really happened until I applied the second coat Sunday morning and then WOW!



My husband pointed out one of the drawers was really chipping and so it was!  When I lightly sanded the rest of the piece more chippy goodness showed up  (Only once did I say to myself “stop!”.  We then varnished the piece and here she is:



I have been guilty in the past of sanding a bit too much and prepping a bit too much but this time I told myself – the finish is worn and it’s fairly clean so stop here!  What happens, happens.  Boy howdy did it ever and I am thrilled!

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More Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Projects

Found these chairs at a local garage sale earlier this summer and decided to turn them into planter chairs because it was hard enough to get the broken caning out and I certainly don’t have the time to teach myself to cane right now.  They are old, cool and VERY sturdy!  Standing up to the weather (and bird droppings nicely!)

One is painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green and the other in Boxwood-both fabulous greens! They are clear coated  with spray shellac.  Hubby made a planter holder of chicken wire and then went shopping for planters which were dwindling in stock at the time.  They look great together though.




Luckett's Green - check out the details!

Luckett’s Green – check out the details!