Originally a sewing machine cabinet, it is now…

a terrific little coffee table!  Out junking a couple of weeks ago I came across this piece and immediately fell in love!  The hubby NOT so much – it was filthy, missing chunks here and there and generally a mess, but I knew what it had been and I loved the idea of what it could be!  (After hours of scrubbing, filling, sanding and scrubbing again, she was ready to paint and I envisioned her in dark grey – APC’s Freedom Road.)

Anxious to get started I again forgot to take before pictures but just picture a mess!  Someone managed to take several inches off each leg and there isn’t a wobble to be found – amazing to me!


Sewing machine cabinet to coffee table in APC's Freedom Road

Sewing machine cabinet to coffee table in APC’s Freedom Road

A couple of coats of Freedom Road, some distressing and a coat of clear wax and she is now in the shop looking for a new home!

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Miss Sophia’s Barn Wood Technique

This is a terrific farm table set that Miss Sophia gave the barn wood treatment to on the top of the table and the bench.  The chairs were sprayed in a nice coordinating color.  And it sold in less than 24 hours.


Closeup of the paint technique on the table top


Overall view of the Farm set in the Barn Wood technique


Coordinating chair

And this buffet in Smoke Signal is a great go-with piece!


Buffet in APC's Smoke Signal

Buffet in APC’s Smoke Signal

Loving Waistcoat, especially on this cabinet!

Before she finds a new home I need to share this makeover that Miss Sophia did after months of watching people love on the original version but pass it by.  A nice young man is thinking it over but I think he’ll be back this weekend!

And he was – SOLD!


Lovely lines, gorgeous fretwork but wasn't selling....

Lovely lines, gorgeous fretwork but wasn’t selling….

A couple of coats of American Paint Company’s Waistcoat and some strategic distressing and she looks like this now:

Even lovelier!

Even lovelier!

Terrific makeover, Miss Sophia!!

The Saga of the “Free” Desk aka The Adventures of Miss Sophia

Long story short since there are no “before” pictures-you have to imagine just how filthy and spider nest encrusted this piece was – so bad she almost left it at the bottom of the drive but help arrived when she needed to load it into her SUV so she took it home.  I would have lost it when the spider nests appeared – yuck!!

After a really good brushing and bath, she noticed that the bottom was rotten, the trim was missing at the bottom of one stack of drawers and the top needed sanding – badly!  (Story in itself – whatever was on the top wouldn’t even budge with 40 grit sandpaper!)  Enter her trusty stain and faux wood painting skills.  Hubby replaced the bottom and the trim pieces, she painted the body yellow and stenciled it for extra charm-added knobs from our new favorite store in the state and voila!


IMG_0272-001 IMG_0273 IMG_0274IMG_0275If it wasn’t overcast out there on the sun porch you would see how nice a yellow color this really is!  Amber Waves of Grain by American Paint Company

Beach Glass Projects – still!

Love these quick little projects that Beach Glass makes absolute standouts!

This little display stand is a collaboration between hubby and me  He added the pedestal and I finished it-perfect for a few cupcakes and more!


Display stand in APC's Beach Glass

Display stand in APC’s Beach Glass

and it sits on a little tiny dresser or nightstand that I got a bit brave with – I usually stick with one color projects.


Three APC colors-Cameo, Beach Glass and Sackcloth

Three APC colors-Cameo, Beach Glass and Sackcloth

My favorite APC color to date and there are a bunch to choose from…

New Pieces in the Shop this week!

I took a few days off to visit the coast in honor of our 33rd Anniversary but the girls have been busy!  Here’s a look at what they have done:

Miss Evie’s Projects:

Upright Lane Cedar chest in Smoke Signal

Upright Lane Cedar chest in Smoke Signal

Desk #1

Corner desk and chair in APC's Voyage

Corner desk and chair in APC’s Voyage

Desk #2


Desk in Limoges and Sackcloth - great combo!

Desk in Limoges and Sackcloth – great combo!

Miss Sophia’s pretty little buffet:


Buffet in APC's Beach Glass

Buffet in APC’s Beach Glass –

and a secret:

The tray pulls out for service!

The tray pulls out for service!

I had better get busy and make up for those relaxing, non-painting days!!

APC’s Sackcloth Buffet (and a cute story!)

One day a couple of weeks ago, a very nice couple visited the shop and proceeded to buy a number of pieces of furniture – table and chairs, desk and chair, end table. The husband was very supportive of all her purchases but he specifically was looking for a tv cabinet!

I had bought a nice buffet just that weekend and based on the description of what they needed for the television I told them about it and sketched it for them.  Called my hubby for dimensions and described what I had in mind for the paint and they were interested!

Enter rainy weather and a slight delay finishing it completely but they loved the picture when next they were in just a couple of days later to pickup the furniture.  So much so that she paid for it on the spot!  Never had that happen before!!

No before picture, but it had previously been painted and antiqued in a style reminiscent of the 60’s – yellowed white, not pretty antiquing.

After  (and SOLD):

Painted in Sackcloth and lots of dark wax used

Painted in Sackcloth and lots of dark wax used

I really hadn’t planned on the faux grain look but it garnered lots of compliments while in the shop awaiting pickup.

Closeup of the top

Closeup of the top

Yep, loving APC’s Sackcloth!!!