Lovely Florence!

I meant to get this posted earlier but one set of pictures was at home and the furniture was in the shop and the two didn’t meet very quickly.  We went a different direction with the little cabinet so are only talking about the desk and bookcase  in this post from the Before Pictures.

 Hubby was NOT impressed with the color and it took a long while to grow on him but that didn’t stop him from pitching in and painting.  (He had faith in me!)  Here are the After Pictures and you’ll notice we did a chalkboard and chair to match.

The desk, chair and chalkboard

The bookcase

 Closeups of the desk:

He changed his tune after the dark wax!

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I’ve thought long and hard about this post but I decided it must be done so that new ASCP users who may be having problems will not be discouraged.  I am not a stockist – our shop hosts one who has been more than helpful in addressing problems.  She is called a mini-stockist and her next in line is the main stockist for the Portland area.

This issue first came to my attention because it happened to me.  I have used Annie Slaon Chalk Paint since I first ordered cans of it from a lovely stockist in New Jersey way back last April or May, I think.  Since then I have used many more cans and am happy now to have “a personal stockist” on the second floor of our shop.  All three partners and most of our vendors also use it.

Now on to the issue.  The can in question this past February happens to have been French Linen.  I was painting a washstand and it went on like water with no pigment.  Hmmm…..shake and stir it again-same results.  What the heck?  I called our stockist and she said to replace it with another can and leave that one for her.  She in turn contacted other stockists in the region to see if any one else had such a problem.  Not at that time – or perhaps not reported to a stockist.

And that is the reason for this post-if you are NOT getting great coverage with one coat of chalk paint and perhaps a touch-up-STOP using that can and contact your stockist!  Lately, we have learned about a few cans of Old White and Coco to have this same coverage issue.  If you have found a problem, please bring it to the attention of your local stockist so a solution can be found.  Please DO NOT think it was a waste of your hard earned money on an over-hyped product.  Any issue can usually be corrected but your stockist needs to know you have one.  Don’t regret paying a bunch of money and “suffer in silence”.

Any time you have concerns or need help, contact your stockist!  We are proud to host our mini-stockist and know that she will do her best to answer any questions that arise.   I feel confident that yours will do the same!

P.S. Please note that I have at present 6-8 cans of chalk paint living and being used at my house-when they are empty I will replace them with more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!


Lovely Aubusson Blue!

Miss Sophia – lover of much color! – worked hard on this gorgeous set as you can see.  From the stain to the paint to the upholstery it is simply lovely! ~SOLD~

overall view – there are two additional leaves

the beautifully re-stained top 

legs, lovely legs!

Who knew how wonderful Aubusson could be?  You do now!

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A new look for an antique piece – ASCP Coco

This little washstand was given to me and the first time I saw it, I was in love with its lines and possibilities  (I also thought I had a picture of it but it seems not)  Hubby spent a couple three hours sanding it and we added glass knobs for access.

so many layers of paint and crud sanded down to this

 Lots of people have admired her but no one stepped up to buy her so I brainstormed and came up with this – lovely, no?!

two coats of ASCP in Coco later

Today’s dilemma – do I distress and wax or buff and let her age naturally?  What do you think?

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ASCP Provence and Dark Walnut – the perfect pairing!

Between the raindrops this past week Miss Sophia has managed to complete this beautiful thing and it is now in the shop for your enjoyment!  Provence and dark walnut are naturally beautiful together as this piece proves!

Every one of her 67" is gorgeous!

Check out the details!

Last, but certainly NOT least, the beautifully stenciled end!

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ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) in Provence

This set is a happy collaboration between Miss Trixie and Miss Sophia – our expert Provence painter since she has done sooo many pieces in that fabulous color!!

 SOLD-thank you very much!!

The fabric on the seats is just wonderful with the colour!!

And on this dreary rainy COLD day, we need a bright spot to feast our eyes on!

Miss Tobi has taken larger space

She and our very own Annie Sloan stockist have joined forces!  They will be using the space to sell their own projects as well as make the paint and wax available to their customers.  Here are a few of the new pieces:

A darling music cabinet done in Emperor's Silk ~SOLD!

Beautifully done in Duck Egg with gold

Dresser and mirror done in Paris Grey and Graphite

Display cabinet in Graphite

Cute tea cart in Henrietta

Overnight stand in Old White

We shall keep you posted on more Annie Sloan pieces!

The more I use it, the more I LOVE it!

Annie Sloan chalk paint I mean.  I used graphite for the first time recently and have to say I think the color is wonderful!  We’ve sold hundreds of dark black pieces in the past but this one is a contender!!

A hard color to capture accurately - kind of like a dark slate tile.

I’ve recently used the Paris Grey-Miss Sophia has painted several things in it before and I knew I liked it.  Now I LOVE it.  This old cedar chest was sad but after a bit of gluing and clamping and two coats of grey plus distressing and a coat of clear wax – Voila!  Ready for many more years of service. (It had me at the applique so I took it home where it has sat for a couple of years.)

Upcycled Roos cedar chest in ASCP Paris Grey.

 Our “personal” stockist is taking training this week and she will be happy to offer classes for all interested in the near future!  Meanwhile, she is fully stocked and ready to share all her paint and wax!!