Good Grief!!!

It is almost a month to the day since we last posted.  Believe me, neither the store nor the blog have been abandoned!

We’ve had a hugely successful two day sale, celebrated Mother’s Day, had wonderful weather, had horrible weather, bought a bunch of furniture, painted a bunch of furniture, sold a bunch of furniture and have managed to keep out of trouble while doing all this!

I am wondering if anyone out there is interested in before and after pictures, showing how talented the vendors are in the store in refinishing and redoing their finds.  If so, please let us know and I will pass the word on to all of them – partners included – to take some before pictures prior to working their magic!

Here are two totally redone pieces but no before pictures-sorry!

Absolutely ordinary, newer curved glass front china cabinet missing the door!  You know, not so lovely color, not much style and there are a million of them out there.   Decided to take a chance since it was so inexpensive, filled holes, painted it black and voila-not too bad if I do say so myself!


We have all seen (and owned more than likely) furniture like this.  Not bad, but not spectacular until it is painted a fresh vibrant red ! Now the the charming handles stand out and the lines become out of the ordinary!


– -(She may be taking this home for a paint job-so this may be the before picture.  We’ll see.  Nice Federal style piece, so-so finish and color, terrific display and storage but lacks pizazz.) – –


We’ve worked magic in the past with some poor neglected pieces, we won’t disclose all our techniques, but we are happy to share if you’d like us to.  Just drop us a note and we’ll do our best to inspire you! ~S~