Two days in a row – sorry, taking a long weekend to go see the grandbaby so we won’t make it to three in a row this time.

I digress.  One of our most clever vendors has come up with a way to showcase pretty shoe clips or a fabulous pin and enjoy them rather than let them languish in a jewelry box.  You don’t even need pairs!

This gorgeous oval frame showcases two pairs in a symmetrical design but she also has one that features two heart shaped clips separated by a bow shaped clip that was also striking.  These are mounted on a black velvet background and are attached with glue.

This brooch is absolutely one of the most gorgeous pieces I have ever seen and it calls my name whenever I am in the shop.  Also mounted on black velvet, the pin back secures it and makes it completely removable for those occasions when you want to flaunt it!

The frames could be painted to match your decor and vintage frames would be most charming-easy project too.  (The frames I would need for my personal collection……..sigh!)

Have a safe and happy weekend from all of us!  ~S~