A Recent Find …..

Estelle and I aren’t able to often get away in the middle of the week to go junking because one or the other of us is in the shop.  We have lots of fun when we are able to get together even if the pickings are slim.

On this particular day she found a very nice dresser while I was trolling the other aisles for some little treasure.  When I spotted this  I nearly ran over the lady in front of me reaching for her.  (She had already passed her by so we weren’t in competition!)  Heavy little lady that  she is,  I wasn’t quite prepared for her weight and almost didn’t get her picked up properly – heaven forbid I drop her on her…ummm, bosom!

A full length shot

I love mannequins and dress forms and I have wanted one by Wolf forever.  Now I own one!

A closeup shot

She’s very shapely and well made – her construction is solid and  her canvas covering almost perfect!

No tummy bulge here!

Look at that little waist!

She’s a beauty all right!  Did you notice that she’s Half Scale and a Designer and Students Model?  That’s right…she’s all of  28″ tall from her base to her neck.  I love her and I was the envy of the other shoppers when they spied her in my cart.  Thank you to whomever parted with her!

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  1. This is marked Wolf, but I really haven’t found any additional info on it. There are some half scale dress forms on Ebay right now but none that are marked in this manner. Thank you for reading our blog! Sue

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