Another Black Duncan Phyffe Dining Table and Chairs

This style is slightly different than the last one we had but we are interested to see how long it may be in the store before finding a new home.  More the type we typically find, it is lovely repainted black with the seats covered in a gorgeous Waverly fabric.


I think the backs of these chairs are even prettier than the ones with the other set seen here.


Looking forward to a much cooler weekend and with the hint of fall on the way, can school be far behind for the kiddos?  ~S~

UPDATE:  Omigoodness-took a whole 11 days to sell!  (Only because the banks were closed on Saturday when they saw it and we were closed the next two days.)  I knew it would find a new home – as did some of the set’s neighbors in the shop all to the same family.  Thank you for all your purchases!!  Sorry to the gentleman who was a few minutes too late-we are looking for more.


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