Buffet or Sideboard?

Actually, there seems to be no difference between the two pieces of furniture according to the Internet (where would we be without the Internet?).

It is serendipity that we have three in the shop at the same time-never usually have more than one and they have been few and far between at times.

First one in is a bit of a waterfall style with gorgeous handles that has been painted black for a fresh new look.  The handles were left alone because they were beautiful.  One of our customers took a second look and declared she knew what the original finish was and it is much more beautiful painted-we agree!


UPDATE:  This lovely piece has found a new home!  Thank you for your purchase!

The next is a bit more formal.  We had a similar one in years past and it was a very nice red (mahogany?) finish – again much more beautiful painted black!  Look at the size of that beauty!  Holds complete sets of china and flatware!


UPDATE:  Found a new home and will be going there shortly along with a dresser – thank you for your purchases!

The last one is a piece with local history-produced by the Doernbecher Furniture Company of Portland-yep, the same family who endowed the hospital.  Seems they were well known for lovely, affordable furniture and this is one of their pieces.   I would have loved to have left it alone but the finish was destroyed – so again, it is painted black.


UPDATE:  Took a bit longer but this sideboard, too, has found a new home.  Thank you for your purchase!!

If you need one – PLEASE let us know!!  ~S~