A little bitty rant-please don’t read if it upsets you!

I am just wondering if any other shop owners have heard this one?

Two customers (new faces to us!) walked in today and demanded we ignore our lease agreements with our vendors to offer special treatment to them because “in this economy” they thought the vendor would want to make the sale (based on their demands).

I politely explained that we couldn’t take the risk on our vendor’s behalf and that all sales were final.  The item was a very nice chair and they wanted to take it to their sister’s out of town to see how it looked against the wall they wanted to use it near.  It is a very nice piece, reasonably priced and very classic in style.  I offered to let them take a picture of the item they were unsure of, take measurements for them, etc.

One had been here three days in a row and knew our policy-I explained it to her yesterday politely.  Brought her sister today to see if another partner was working today perhaps,  because we do alternate days.  – She must have been surprised that all three of us were actually here! –

They bought the item and another and have a third on hold-so what was the problem??

 Our customers tell us we have the best prices around and a terrific selection so we know we are supplying a need in this economy.  Why the hassle over an item they had obviously thought hard about,  searched for in other stores (yesterday’s parting shot), and  decided  fit the bill???

I really don’t get it!


On a lighter note…….I do get this!!!!!

Isn't this a keeper?!!

Isn't this a keeper?!!

Sorry for the odd angle-can’t get far enough back from it – a wall in the way-imagine that!