Oh, Good Grief!

This doggone thing had me throwing up my hands and asking the hubs to finish for me.  Started it and I realized how much painted surface there was to get through-I seem to think all surfaces need to be painted I guess.



With the sides raised

With the sides raised

Somewhere in there I contracted a horrible stomach virus that laid me low several days, then it rained for a few more and I painted more and more and it NEVER seemed to make a difference.  (I used a paint I swore I would never use again and I am once more swearing to never use it again.)  Mind you, all this painting was over a coat of bonding primer that was supposed to be awesome!



In the shop

In the shop

I adore vintage maple furniture and I usually paint it red.  I will continue to paint it red but white not so much should I buy another piece any time soon.

(It finally turned out well, didn’t it?)

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