I wonder where the piece of furniture I have been lucky enough to find originated.  This gorgeous black dresser is one of those pieces.  There is no furniture manufacturer’s signature I can find anywhere.  It was only when painting the back hubby noticed the US Navy mark.

Having been raised in the Air Force it immediately made me think about the furniture we used at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska in the late 1960’s.  Similar in wood (mahogany), the furniture issued us from Base Housing wasn’t quite this quality. (Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to have every piece we had then NOW!)

Perhaps it belonged in an officer’s quarters somewhere?  At one time there was a mirror – I can see where it attached.  The drawers are lovely, the casters are original, the drawers are huge and slide easily still.  Love the lines!

We painted it in classic black (General Finishes’ Lampblack) because the finish needed help.  It would make a lovely sideboard in your dining room or serve as an awesome dresser as it was designed to do.  Put a flat screen television on top, hinge the drawer fronts and you have access with your remotes!


Closeup - see those legs and casters?

Closeup – see those legs and casters?


Wonderful hardware!


One of the smaller drawers – lovely condition!

If anyone has further information, please share!  Happy October!!

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. I love how it turned out. It looks dignified, with a touch of regal thrown in. You did a great job. How intriguing that there was a Navy mark on the back. I guess I never thought of the kind of furniture the military would use. What a wonderful find.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! It truly is a wonderful find – one I hope I make more of in the future!

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