Update on Little Henry

Henry came home yesterday and boy, have we ever earned a lot about preemies!  Don’t know why I never realized that there were so many issues when babies arrive early (perhaps because our daughter was 17 days late and our son was scheduled).

Henry is doing well and amazed the NICU staff with all his accomplishments!  He latched on immediately after the CPAP machine was removed, steadily became a champion nurser and passed all his tests with flying colors!  The nurses said he is only the second baby in eight years to leave solely breastfed and the other was a girl at term.

He is in “quarantine” for the next couple of months until he actually is the age he would be at term and perhaps a bit longer so his lungs develop fully.  Such a cute little thing!  Looking forward to the days when we can cuddle him!

Henry - age 2 weeks

Henry – age 2 weeks

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