Plan B (aka the media center)

Found a terrific buffet with a rather strangely repaired (?) door.  Told the hubby he could repair it and he did try although he was sure he couldn’t do it correctly.  No matter, the price was right and I was sure he could and I prevailed, we brought it home, he gave it his best and it was a fail-so on to Plan B.

I’ve been listening to some of our customers and was happy to throw away the dang doors!  Actually I saved the good one for another project.

After some hole filling, some gouge filling, some sanding and some cleanup, we painted it with my favorite paint color – RED!  Switch out the handles to cute black painted knobs and we are in business-ta da!


~SOLD-thank you!~

Two drawers for storage, an adjustable shelf below for electronics and room for a good size flat screen on top.  Sometimes ya just got to go with Plan B!

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