I am enamored of APC’s Smoke Signal! I am enamored with (?) I LOVE it!

Here’s the second project I have done with it – I showed you the buffet/sideboard before.  This was a sad little piece with chains, huge eye hooks, terrible finish but I knew it could be cuter and it is with Smoke Signal!  So ugly I deliberately did not take a before picture…

It’s sunny today and this is the spot in the shop that is most glare-y for some reason-sorry.



APC’s Smoke SIgnal

On a separate note, sometimes you just have to change it up to make it more interesting.  I just deleted the pictures of what this looked like before but it had a nice dark finish on a beautiful oak cabinet which you can see on the top.  Decided to paint the base in Beach Glass and boy has the interest increased!



APC’s Beach Glass and the original finish on top

Now how long will it take to sell, I wonder?

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