Lovely Florence!

I meant to get this posted earlier but one set of pictures was at home and the furniture was in the shop and the two didn’t meet very quickly.  We went a different direction with the little cabinet so are only talking about the desk and bookcase  in this post from the Before Pictures.

 Hubby was NOT impressed with the color and it took a long while to grow on him but that didn’t stop him from pitching in and painting.  (He had faith in me!)  Here are the After Pictures and you’ll notice we did a chalkboard and chair to match.

The desk, chair and chalkboard

The bookcase

 Closeups of the desk:

He changed his tune after the dark wax!

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3 thoughts on “Lovely Florence!

  1. Awesome color! I too used Florence on a similar chair, foot stool and matching 60’s wood-shop style lamp that would look lovely with this! I used the clear wax, but I’m thinking that dark wax does something for the piece huh?

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