Sunny June ………. NOT

Okay..I am a former Alaskan lady and I have embraced the sunshine in Oregon for the past two dozen years and been grateful not to have to shovel the white stuff in the winter anymore.  However, I am now reduced to looking for bright cheerful spots in the shop to approximate the glow from our non-existent sunshine (and complaining loudly and often about the lack of light!).  The most cheerful spot I could find today is below.  I love these colors more and more although I don’t live with them at home.  Pardon me, I think I will have to go upstairs and pretend it is sunny!


And I am still pretending not to notice I have been tagged by a little imp of a friend.

Until she bugs me about it again, I am postponing my answers.

2 thoughts on “Sunny June ………. NOT

  1. Man! That sun is hiding everywhere this year! I love the green desk and chair you’ve set up! Very springy.

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