Snow, Snow Snow!!

A relatively rare event in the Pacific Northwest – at least here in Salem, Oregon – we are enjoying a bit of snow this morning. 

Ours is disappearing rapidly and isn’t nearly as pretty as this view from our son”s house in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Reminds you of a postcard, doesn’t it?  And the picture was taken with his iPhone and not a digital camera.  Thank goodness I “let” myself be talked into purchasing one myself, they are amazing little items and no, I am NOT a spokesperson for the company!


Love this little bit of winter! ~S~

One thought on “Snow, Snow Snow!!

  1. BRAVO!!!! What a BE-U-Tiful photo!!! Iphones are pretty darned terrific, and the photographer is a crackerjack too! Truly does look like a postcard. VERY pretty…. very chilly!!!

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