Snowbound…….and NOT liking it much!

First few days, it was pretty but a pain to get around town even with 4 wheel drive.  Next few days the freezing rain didn’t do anything positive in town.  Thousands without power, branches falling, an ice dam on the roof at our house which left about 1/4″ of water in the kitchen and family room.  Now more snow after hours of melting and rain yesterday.


Back when it was still pretty –



Now there is a bunch more and with the ice underneath – treacherous!


Our first casualty but huge branches have fallen all over town with disastrous results!

Please keep everyone across the nation and the world dealing with terrible weather conditions in your thoughts and prayers!  Stay safe and stay home if at all possible, especially here in Oregon!  ~S~

One thought on “Snowbound…….and NOT liking it much!

  1. Looks so pretty to have your tree decorated! Leave it to you to make this seemingly never-ending mess beautiful! Sorry about your big branch that is down… did it damage the fence? I hope not. Wonderful pictures…. but can you take some of the shirt-sleeve, 75 degree variety next?!

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