Christmas Eve Eve and more snow

Well, I’ve gotten over the crankies now and we have resigned ourselves to being grateful that things are forecast to change soon and we won’t be snowbound all winter!  A left over fear from a loooonnnng Alaska sojourn that spanned 25 years of my childhood and young adulthood.

We did indeed have much more snow but hubbie is out shoveling a little since we have contacted the good old USPS to come pick up a huge stack of Ebay packages that need to be on their way as soon as it can happen.  He retired as a letter carrier in August of this year and I am supremely happy that I promised him LAST year that it was his last Christmas season to deliver mail.  Boy, would I have heard about it this year!!!!!!!!  After 32+ years (the first 9 spent in Alaska where this is considered normal)  he absolutely deserves to have missed this season!!



Pretty, isn’t it?  (A large plastic ornament hanging from one of our maple trees.)



The cars he will soon be unburying!



A look down our country road – many thanks to one of our neighbors with a plow on his tractor or this would be snow covered!  (Now to break up the burm blocking the driveway-a much easier task!)  Thanks, neighbor!!


Way loaded down – poor things.

Okay, now that I’ve had a chance to relax and now that my daughter and her husband have turned around and headed home to Sherwood instead of trying to get to Medford for Christmas (or at least here), I will endeavor to stop trying to micromanage everything I possibly can.  The store will reopen when it is safe to drive across town and get there. 

Christmas can be celebrated a day or two after the actual day.  We are healthy, safe and warm as our families and friends are. 

Our country is hopefully regaining its balance or at least trying to.  Big business had better realize that selfishness will no longer be tolerated.  Our citizens are being forced to economize, a hard lesson but one that will serve us in good stead.

And number one in all of this, He is the reason we celebrate at all—–Merry Christmas everyone!  ~S~

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  1. To all of my Serendipity Sisters… May the New Year bring you and your families abundance and blessings, and my wish for all of you is GREAT HAPPINESS and Joy… You are all such great women, and I am so grateful to know you!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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