So I guess I will try to recreate it – thanks for nothing, Typepad!

Aargh – I’ve been reading about issues with Typepad and had thought myself lucky to not have experienced them.  So much for luck!

I did have big plans for a post today since it is long overdue as are our wishes to all for a truly wonderful New Year!

When I got to the shop I wanted to take lots of pictures of the things we’ve added lately before they, too, sell and find new homes.  I should have checked the batteries in the camera since we’ve just returned from a long weekend in Bonney Lake to celebrate our son’s 24th birthday and visit with the grandbaby who decided to learn to walk the Thursday evening before we arrived.  Congratulations, Miss Natalie and welcome to the vertical world!!!

Back to the post though –

Rosie found this wonderful antique chest of drawers recently and we brought it into the shop today.  I think it is terrific and would work in almost any room in your home.  Television stand, storage for craft and sewing materials, linens, kitchen items, clothing….


The handles fascinate me but present this question – Do they represent acorns or filberts?  (Also known as hazelnuts in Oregon.)  Have you seen either up close on a tree?  Filberts are wrapped in the prettiest green leaves before falling to the ground and I am almost convinced these are filberts.  What do you think?


It is a quiet, chilly January afternoon and I have been wondering about the dresser’s history – ever do that when you see an interesting piece?  Who made it, who bought it, who loved it, hated it, owned it longest….

Back to work – have a great week and Welcome to the Presidency, Mr. Obama!!

One thought on “So I guess I will try to recreate it – thanks for nothing, Typepad!

  1. What a darling little cottage chest of drawers. Here we refer to them as mustache handles because of their shape, but I do believe they are carved like acorns at the center. Acorns produce oak trees which are considered the strongest trees in the forest, perhaps they represent longevity.

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