I am not the crafty partner but……..

I think this may actually work!  Since I read  many many useful, clever and wonderful blogs of those that are actually crafty (and they are too numerous to mention but I thank each one of you!) I think something may have rubbed off!

Found this big old bottle (cut off bottom) at a local sale and of course had to bring it home-thinking hmmm….cloche?  Sat around collecting even more dust.  What to do?

Meanwhile, I purchased some wood findings one day because I hoped to find them useful or at least inspiring to some of the store’s customers.  Some sold immediately because I do know interesting when I see it.

Then I saw the post from January 14th here at Joy’s and something clicked. Grabbed a round and the can of paint and…Voila!  Should have taken before pictures, but I am still learning…..

Wasn’t quite finished because the stopper was still missing so I found an old glass doorknob (yes, in a drawerful of them – I love them!) that fit  perfectly!!!  The bunnies are too small to make a statement really but they are just darling, at hand and clean so here is my completed project.


Anyone who knows me knows this is way out of my comfort zone.  Does it work??  ~S~

One thought on “I am not the crafty partner but……..

  1. Well I wish I would have found the bottle without the bottom first! You always seem to get the “good stuff” and this time you’ve really outdone yourself…. Love the ‘finishing touch’ with the door knob “stopper”! That’s wonderful! And I think the bunny family looks right at home in there…. you WILL feed them, won’t you?

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