Shop Kitty

If we were able to have a shop kitty we’d choose Theodore!  Known to his family as Teddy, Estelle caught him napping and was able to get this picture.  He certainly wouldn’t stand for any crown if he were awake!  Though he is adorably fluffy and hasn’t grown a deep meow yet, he really is all boy and this soon became a toy he batted around until it was rescued by his mama.  Typical boy stunt, don’t you agree??


We love that face and all that hair!! ~S~

One thought on “Shop Kitty

  1. I see adoption papers in your future… meow! What a beautiful boy!!! (Maybe he could be trained to run his tail ever so carefully along the antiques and dust…. you know, earn his way for kitty pebbles?)
    I happen to know there’s some cat lovers in that building… Persistance, Theodore!!!

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