What Sadie has been doing for the last two months….

First of all, thank you to all who continue to visit this neglected blog space.  I intended to update sooner but this is the first time I’ve felt motivated to write.  It was a BIG adjustment to give up the shop and pursue quieter dreams!  The timing was right so off we have gone.

Hubby and I have been spending lots of time together and it has been such fun (for the most part!)!  He retired almost 8 years ago and has been “waiting” patiently for me to do the same – or at least pare down – lol!  We enjoy shopping and I even rented him a small space so he could maintain his own interests and share things with others – successfully I might add – so proud of him!

Here is where you can find our things now and occasionally we are there too!

Sadie at South End

I am thinking of continuing this blog under a new name so please check back occasionally – I miss all of you!