APC’s Smoke Signal and Homeplate Dresser

An interesting piece Miss Sophia found and sent me after one weekend-marked on the back an unfinished wood product and a company name I couldn’t read.  It had been stained and kept nicely but was soooooo boringly brown..

Check it out now after a couple coats each of Homeplate and Smoke Signal!  Dry-brushed Homeplate on the blah handles and waxed them too.



APC’s Smoke Signal and Homeplate, some distressing and waxing

We don’t normally stage them in the kitchen but the spot was vacant – lol!

Update on Little Henry

Henry came home yesterday and boy, have we ever earned a lot about preemies!  Don’t know why I never realized that there were so many issues when babies arrive early (perhaps because our daughter was 17 days late and our son was scheduled).

Henry is doing well and amazed the NICU staff with all his accomplishments!  He latched on immediately after the CPAP machine was removed, steadily became a champion nurser and passed all his tests with flying colors!  The nurses said he is only the second baby in eight years to leave solely breastfed and the other was a girl at term.

He is in “quarantine” for the next couple of months until he actually is the age he would be at term and perhaps a bit longer so his lungs develop fully.  Such a cute little thing!  Looking forward to the days when we can cuddle him!

Henry - age 2 weeks

Henry – age 2 weeks

Two Crazy Weeks and Welcome to the World, Henry!!!

Two weeks ago today we received a call from our son letting us know that he needed to take our beloved daughter-in-law to the hospital.  She had been to the doctor’s office that morning for a prenatal check and all was well at that time.  Fast forward several hours and her water has broken – 8 weeks early.

After a week and two days of almost total bedrest in the hospital, another frightening event occurred and Henry was delivered by emergency cesarean section that afternoon, February 4th.  His own timeframe -they were to induce him the following Monday had he waited that long.

We hear of grandparents stepping in to raise their grandchildren for a variety of reasons and I am here to tell you now that it is SO hard to take over young children and their crazy busy lives at a moment’s notice.  I love them dearly and have always admired their mother’s ability to do it so smoothly-Audrey is a high needs child.  Have we been perfect – absolutely NOT but they know we love them and can care for them well.  They are patient with us – quite a feat for a 7 and 5 year old – and I hope we are ever closer in the future!!

Thanks to our daughter who put her life on hold, we have been able to split the duty and rest!  My two days at the shop each week have been covered at home by her and my hubby with our son available often as needed – he can put the youngest to bed far better than we can!

Would I have changed the past couple of weeks (and the one coming up) – certainly!  I would love for it to have been a normal period of time for our DIL and new grandson, his daddy and his sisters.  Have I been grateful to become more familiar with their little lives – unconditionally YES!!!  And we are SO looking forward to all the years we hope to have with them!


5.33 pounds and 18.5″ long

Welcome to the World little Henry Christopher Carr!!

Hoping he will be home this weekend!