Huge Wooden Bowl – Before and After

Found this gigantic bowl in a junk shop locally earlier this week and I LOVED the size – poor thing was all dried and pale though.





I wasn’t too worried about it because in my arsenal I have Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil.  What I didn’t realize was how little I actually had left in the tin!  Thank goodness it was just enough to do the bowl!  I have to order more because I have a whole stack of vintage cutting boards at home waiting to be treated.



Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp oil is invaluable in this business for refreshing tired, dry wood – drawers, cutting boards, bowls, anything really.  AND it is food safe so those cutting boards will be put back into use soon!

It’s Looking a little Christmas-y in here!

Here it is almost time for our Christmas (aka Holiday*) Open house and I haven’t even begun to show you things in the shop yet!  ~Sorry!~


When:  Sunday, November 16th

Time:  Noon until 5 pm

Where:  2580 State St  Salem OR 97301

Here’s a cute little table top that is decorated – gotta get busy on the others!


* We refer to our Christmas Open House occasionally as a Holiday Open House … why?  Because it takes place before Thanksgiving and we are decorated for both  If this offends anyone it wasn’t intentional.