APC’s Sackcloth Buffet (and a cute story!)

One day a couple of weeks ago, a very nice couple visited the shop and proceeded to buy a number of pieces of furniture – table and chairs, desk and chair, end table. The husband was very supportive of all her purchases but he specifically was looking for a tv cabinet!

I had bought a nice buffet just that weekend and based on the description of what they needed for the television I told them about it and sketched it for them.  Called my hubby for dimensions and described what I had in mind for the paint and they were interested!

Enter rainy weather and a slight delay finishing it completely but they loved the picture when next they were in just a couple of days later to pickup the furniture.  So much so that she paid for it on the spot!  Never had that happen before!!

No before picture, but it had previously been painted and antiqued in a style reminiscent of the 60’s – yellowed white, not pretty antiquing.

After  (and SOLD):

Painted in Sackcloth and lots of dark wax used

Painted in Sackcloth and lots of dark wax used

I really hadn’t planned on the faux grain look but it garnered lots of compliments while in the shop awaiting pickup.

Closeup of the top

Closeup of the top

Yep, loving APC’s Sackcloth!!!

French Provincial Upcycle – Lovely in Duck Egg

Miss Sophia has come to the end of her can of duck egg but we have found colors we love just as well in the APC line one of our vendors carries.  This combination on a round French Provincial dining room set is just lovely:

 The chairs are marked Broyhill but the table isn’t marked at all.

French Provincial in Duck Egg and dark stain

French Provincial in Duck Egg and dark stain

The chair:

Lovely fabric coordinates beautifully with Duck Egg

Lovely fabric coordinates beautifully with Duck Egg

Another lovely springy look!

APC’s Waistcoat

You love it or you hate it to judge by people’s reactions to this color-I happen to love it!!  Painted this little cabinet with it and I find it a very refreshing color to accent with!

No before picture-what else is new?  Picture reddish brown and blah.



APC's Waistcoat

APC’s Waistcoat

 So bright and springy – perfect for the first official day of Spring!

Miss Sophia and her latest tables

Miss Sophia can find and refurbish tables and chairs faster (and more beautifully!) than anyone I know.  There was a definite lack of them over the winter months but she has a steady supply now we think!

First up, a Drexel oval table with two large leaves:


GF' Basil and dark stained top

GF’s  Basil and dark stained top – SOLD!

A lovely oval table with 4 chairs and large leaf:

APC's Navajo White with dark stained Checkerboard top

APC’s Navajo White with dark stained Checkerboard top

This lovely old table has a concealed butterfly leaf:


Emperor's Silk and stained top

Emperor’s Silk and stained top

And this one just arrived yesterday and has two leaves that store inside:


APC's Freedom Road - dark stained top

APC’s Freedom Road – dark stained top

After such a long time looking, it’s so nice to have a few to choose from!

(Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!)


APC’s Sackcloth!

American Paint Company has done it now-made a color I am absolutely in love with – the perfect response to the Coco I adored previously!

Enter a sweet little brown table and my new jar of Sackcloth.  I have been dying to try this color but other projects were in line with different colors chosen.

IMG_9996IMG_9997Manufactured by Butler Furniture, color by American Paint Company!