Plan B (aka the media center)

Found a terrific buffet with a rather strangely repaired (?) door.  Told the hubby he could repair it and he did try although he was sure he couldn’t do it correctly.  No matter, the price was right and I was sure he could and I prevailed, we brought it home, he gave it his best and it was a fail-so on to Plan B.

I’ve been listening to some of our customers and was happy to throw away the dang doors!  Actually I saved the good one for another project.

After some hole filling, some gouge filling, some sanding and some cleanup, we painted it with my favorite paint color – RED!  Switch out the handles to cute black painted knobs and we are in business-ta da!


~SOLD-thank you!~

Two drawers for storage, an adjustable shelf below for electronics and room for a good size flat screen on top.  Sometimes ya just got to go with Plan B!

I am enamored of APC’s Smoke Signal! I am enamored with (?) I LOVE it!

Here’s the second project I have done with it – I showed you the buffet/sideboard before.  This was a sad little piece with chains, huge eye hooks, terrible finish but I knew it could be cuter and it is with Smoke Signal!  So ugly I deliberately did not take a before picture…

It’s sunny today and this is the spot in the shop that is most glare-y for some reason-sorry.



APC’s Smoke SIgnal

On a separate note, sometimes you just have to change it up to make it more interesting.  I just deleted the pictures of what this looked like before but it had a nice dark finish on a beautiful oak cabinet which you can see on the top.  Decided to paint the base in Beach Glass and boy has the interest increased!



APC’s Beach Glass and the original finish on top

Now how long will it take to sell, I wonder?

New Things in the Shop this week

Miss Evie and I are holding down the fort this week.  Miss Sophia went and sold all kinds of furniture before embarking on a week’s vacation in Mexico!  (We are not complaining about her selling all those pieces of furniture but we might be a little jealous of the Mexican vacation-lol!) You all know furniture is a bit harder to find this time of year, right?

I have found a few pieces lately so here are the two latest:

A vintage Mersman Drum table in GF's Millstone - love!!

A vintage Mersman drum table in GF’s Millstone – love!!

A vintage sewing cabinet in GF's Lampblack with glass knobs added

A vintage sewing cabinet in GF’s Lampblack with glass knobs added

P. S. Thanks to Mel for the cabinet-she turned out pretty good, huh??

ALL Remaining CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint Quarts on Sale!

In light of recent disappointing events, our vendor is closing out all her remaining CeCe Caldwell paint for the awesome price of $30 each quart!  Limited to stock on hand-when it is gone we will only have American Paint Company chalk and mineral paints in the shop.

ccc color chart

The colors we have available are:

California Gold
Carolina Sun
Cinco Bayou Moss
Cottonwood Sienna
Georgia Clay
Johnston Daffodil
Maine Harbor
Memphis Blue
Mesa Sunset
Nantucket Spray
Portland Rose
Simply White
Santa Fe Turquoise
Spring Hill
Texas Prairie

Please come in to the shop to purchase at this great price or contact us via email or phone to order paint and have it shipped!

P.S. If I find more colors I will let you know.

Thoughts on 2014

 I have often counseled new vendors with the following blunt phrase:  “Don’t Borrow Trouble!”  Usually after they come to me with excessive angst over what they are or are not doing “right”.  When they look at me askance, I try to explain what I mean and they get the picture – or not!  Really, what and where has worry over what might or might not be ever gotten you?  (And yes, it took me years to learn this myself!)

Today I found this quote on another blog and it expresses exactly what I want to tell people who constantly seem to worry about the unforeseen or the past because life is really out of our hands and in Another’s!

Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone;
and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come.
Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.”

Ida Scott Taylor

With those words in mind, I will be true to myself this next year and let go of “what if”!