Fabulous China Cabinet

We are horrible about getting before pictures so I am going to stop apologizing for it and try descriptions instead – your imagination can fill in the details, I sure!!!

For instance, this piece had LOVELY bones but the most awful orangey finish on it!  Miss Sophia had a plan, took a chance, and executed it perfectly!  She has a new secret weapon in her arsenal and we are not sharing it without permission…

Look at hr now!!

Look at her now!!

Beautiful deep dark finish and she is back to being totally gorgeous!! $595

More APC Colors – Rushmore, Home Plate, Navajo White

Miss Evie has taken an antique dresser and painted it in Home Plate, dark waxed the top and distressed it for lots of interest!


IMG_9664Miss Sophia used both Rushmore and Navajo White on this dresser, re-stained the top and then used both clear and dark wax on it to highlight the details:    


IMG_9666And I used Home Plate on this gorgeous dresser  after I re-stained the top:




Some quick pictures

I know I promised more about our lucky phone call finds but it will have to be in stages, sorry!  Turning out to be another busy week.   Sharing some of the pictures I have used on Facebook or Craigslist:

Darling oak desk

Darling oak desk – SOLD


Hand painted drop leaf table and chairs – SOLD

Smith -Corona early Electric TYpewriter

Early Smith -Corona Electric Typewriter – SOLD

Pretty mahogany etagere

Pretty mahogany etagere


Adore this! 1920’s Bentwood oak vanity stool – SOLD


Old cane seated chair  ~SOLD~

Much more later!


Lordy, what a week!

It just seems like a day ago or so when I last posted but it has been a whole week and this probably won’t be posted until tomorrow  because I need to get some  pictures taken and added so you can see our treasures!

Tuesday, Miss Evie received a phone call at the shop with an invitation to a private sale (we thought it was leftovers but nope, just for us!) in our town.  We are often approached by people who want to sell things to us and we usually say no to them.  In this business you have to be careful NOT to buy stolen merchandise.  We always are gracious and ask them to invite us to their sales, let them know exactly what we are looking for and offer ways to for them to share their items without bringing them to the shop.  Few ever follow through.  We feel it is unethical to place a value on an item because we are not trained appraisers.  That being said…

We discussed the phone call and were intrigued.  We decided to take a chance and all of us go.  A small home north of the city was our destination.  Our caller warned Miss Sophia who first arrived that it was a mess and hadn’t been occupied for a long time.  I saw printed signs on the garage that concerned me but we entered and were greeted by a horrible stench and the sight of some unique items in the living room.

We were a bit nervous but we went through the house and the basement and found some wonderful things!  Covered in dirt but truly treasures that needed to be rescued from the proposed trip to the dump.  We were excited to explore and were there for a few hours with breaks for fresh air taken frequently.

Our host was very gracious even though late for his dinner and we were able to purchase a number of wonderful things at a very fair price.  We took a few things with us that evening and they have been appearing in the shop all week.  I have been referring to them as our blessings in our ads and Facebook posts.  Today we went back to load up the rest of our purchases in a 14 ft U Haul truck to save a number of trips back and forth.  Miss Sophia and my hubby did the bulk of the loading and organizing and I helped wherever I could…

To be continued ~with pictures~

October’s Entryway Vignette

Miss Sophia returned from her cruise raring to go and the first thing she did (redid!) was the entry.  Not scary but has definite fall vibes and I adore the cotton ball stems!

IMG_9624Happy Fall, ya’ll!

 I was born in KY – don’t have an accent – but I can hear it at times just like I did here writing the above!

APC’s Freedom Road – a warm gray on a fabulous dresser!


LOVE this piece, LOVE the two tone, LOVE the storage, LOVE the original hardware too!

IMG_9623This is the first time we’ve used this particular gray – we’ll be using it again and again I am positive!  Looks so fab with the natural finish!  Manufactured by Davis Cabinet Company out of Nashville, Tennessee, it has terrific lines! The original hardware is a bonus.