More Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Projects

Found these chairs at a local garage sale earlier this summer and decided to turn them into planter chairs because it was hard enough to get the broken caning out and I certainly don’t have the time to teach myself to cane right now.  They are old, cool and VERY sturdy!  Standing up to the weather (and bird droppings nicely!)

One is painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green and the other in Boxwood-both fabulous greens! They are clear coated  with spray shellac.  Hubby made a planter holder of chicken wire and then went shopping for planters which were dwindling in stock at the time.  They look great together though.




Luckett's Green - check out the details!

Luckett’s Green – check out the details!


Just a little chalk and mineral paint ….

goes a loooong way!

There was about a 1/3 of a test pot in Navajo White left with a THICK buildup of paint around the edge to work with here. I thinned it very well and have applied two coats to both the head and the candle holder.  Finished the candle holder with a little wet distressing back to the original dark metal and applied just a little wax.  Still working on the head, but it covered a VERY bright turquoise SHINY coat of spray paint (what was I thinking?).

The little single salt shaker had a rusty top that I cleaned up a little and painted with two coats of Portland Rose, wet distressed and burnished – no wax.  And now it is a lavender holder or could be used for hat pins,  a picture holder with a few twisty wires added…the list could go on and on..

Love those test pots – they go a long way!

Forgot the before pictures again-sorry!

Forgot the before pictures again-sorry!

American Paint Company – Beach Glass

Yep, I was right – this is my newest favorite color and this little desk proves it because it is hand painted and those cubbies were a pain!  Still, an interesting little project and I have both before and after pictures to show you.  This piece was constructed by someone of recycled pieces of furniture and a number of different woods and finishes were beautifully covered!


The Afters:IMG_9399 IMG_9400 IMG_9401The Befores:

photo (25) photo (26) photo (27)

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Simply Vintage Quilts & Crafts

The end of May a nice young French couple visited the shop and asked permission to take some photos.  Miss Marie agreed (of course!)  They promised to send a copy and they did!  Here is the cover and the page we are featured on:

The cover

The cover

The pager on which we appear

The page on which we appear

Thank you, Miss Emily of American Country Mercantile for the referral!

Merci beaucoup, Simply VIntage!


New Black Vanity in the shop

Found this piece while in Sherwood with our daughter recently doing some garage-saling. (Is that a word?)  Loved the lines and the hardware which hubby says is made in Germany.  Wish we had the key!

This piece was to have been a different color until we realized that  candle wax residue was bleeding thru the lighter paint.   We opened my brand new can of General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint and off we went.  I think the color really showcases the almost jewelry like drawer pulls.  Certainly was easy to paint and sealed the residue away from the finish.  Love the lines and the curves and the mirror and the three drawers and…..


IMG_9363 IMG_9374 IMG_9375Really love the new black paint too!

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The weather is gorgeous and we want to be outside all the time!  Sorry for the delay in new posts – we will have new projects for you shortly!  Enjoy the balmy temperatures if you have them like we do at present!!

Here are the befores to a bunch of new projects hubby found yesterday –  the afters will be here shortly, promise!

The "beauty" shot

The “beauty” shot

photo (22) photo (24)

That hubby of mine isn’t going to loose this junkin’ job anytime soon-thanks, babe!!!

American Paint Company – Blue Jeans

First of all, can I tell you how much I love these new paints?  And the wax – in short supply at the moment but we are told it will be here soon…..  UPDATE:  We have lots of wax!

Introducing Blue Jeans


One coat, wet distressing and clear wax


Love the color variations!

This is one of the quickest projects I have ever completed-I opened the shop at 10 and began to paint. Between customers (and with a few looking on) it dried, I distressed and waxed then buffed – done by 12:30!

Stay tuned for more posts on more colors-I think I may have to try most of them!