Pretty Old White High Boy Dresser ~SOLD~

This is another of those pieces without a before picture-again, picture brown blah and boring.  Fresh Old White chalk paint and a little dark wax to highlight its lines along with the original hardware make it much more noteworthy!

Six good sized drawers to store all your clothing too!

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Interesting Finds

 I often see really cool stuff as I wander the shop that the partners and/or vendors have found and are sharing, so  I thought I’d show you some of them every week (perhaps).  Gives me a chance to make interesting collages again-right?!

a (shoe) hat rack, cool hat, English Butter Dish, pretty gold tone frame, Seltzer Bottle, slide viewer and View Master

Absolutely Fabulous!!! ~SOLD~

No before picture-we aren’t very good at that it seems-sorry!  Imagine a big brown blah china cabinet.  Great lines and style but boring…..

Add lots of silver paint, black glaze and gorgeous wallpaper on the back and voila!

and some closeups of the interior and paint techniques:

Miss Trixie has outdone herself for sure!

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Still Loving Coco!! ~SOLD~

and I probably always will-such a peaceful color…

Generally, in this business you must set a budget and do your best to stick to it when purchasing pieces of furniture for resale.  Every once in awhile, I tend to fall in love and the budget goes out the window.  These are two of those times…..

The first piece – a game table!  I have never found one and this one had such pretty lines and was so intriguing that I overlooked the repairs needed and the brass feet that had to be added-there was only one original one on there.  The repairs included not only the usual gluing and filling and sanding to even things out, but two of the feet were broken and basically missing.  Could I see past that gorgeous pedestal base – um, no.  Still – the top opens to a 32″ square for games, puzzles, extra dining room, etc.

Do you know how much it costs to have someone replace the bottom part of these legs? Don’t ask…..

But honey, LOOK at this base (and 4 brand new brass feet too)

My second piece that I adored on sight!  (and paid much more for than I usually do!)  This one had not so pretty fabric on the seat but was basically in good shape.  (Hubby was fascinated with the  two screws and rings that attached the seat to the frame)

So very pretty! (and thank goodness the fabric was on sale!)

And just look at those legs! and the carved wooden accents! and it’s so pretty!! (Did I already say that?)

 Yep, hubby, I paid more than I usually would but I now know you have mad skills (not for those missing legs tho) when it comes to most repairs and you have more patience than I do, but I have the vision and they were worth it, I promise!

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