New Pieces in the Shop

Both Miss Sophia and Miss Trixie have worked magic with these pieces!

Miss Sophia’s lovely vintage dresser: ~SOLD~

Painted in Old White with a dark stained top makes this piece just pop!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miss Trixie had a little help from her Mr – he made the doors that were missing: ~SOLD~

Check out those chunky, wonderful legs and all the carved lines!

For some odd reason, these pictures are way dark even though the sun was bright outside-sorry!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I’ve thought long and hard about this post but I decided it must be done so that new ASCP users who may be having problems will not be discouraged.  I am not a stockist – our shop hosts one who has been more than helpful in addressing problems.  She is called a mini-stockist and her next in line is the main stockist for the Portland area.

This issue first came to my attention because it happened to me.  I have used Annie Slaon Chalk Paint since I first ordered cans of it from a lovely stockist in New Jersey way back last April or May, I think.  Since then I have used many more cans and am happy now to have “a personal stockist” on the second floor of our shop.  All three partners and most of our vendors also use it.

Now on to the issue.  The can in question this past February happens to have been French Linen.  I was painting a washstand and it went on like water with no pigment.  Hmmm…..shake and stir it again-same results.  What the heck?  I called our stockist and she said to replace it with another can and leave that one for her.  She in turn contacted other stockists in the region to see if any one else had such a problem.  Not at that time – or perhaps not reported to a stockist.

And that is the reason for this post-if you are NOT getting great coverage with one coat of chalk paint and perhaps a touch-up-STOP using that can and contact your stockist!  Lately, we have learned about a few cans of Old White and Coco to have this same coverage issue.  If you have found a problem, please bring it to the attention of your local stockist so a solution can be found.  Please DO NOT think it was a waste of your hard earned money on an over-hyped product.  Any issue can usually be corrected but your stockist needs to know you have one.  Don’t regret paying a bunch of money and “suffer in silence”.

Any time you have concerns or need help, contact your stockist!  We are proud to host our mini-stockist and know that she will do her best to answer any questions that arise.   I feel confident that yours will do the same!

P.S. Please note that I have at present 6-8 cans of chalk paint living and being used at my house-when they are empty I will replace them with more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!


Serendipity ….

Last week a very nice lady stopped by the shop to see if a large birdcage she had seen on her way to work was still available.  Sadly for her, it had sold.  Here is the back story:

It had been here for months hanging on the sleeping porch.  Within a day of putting it outside, it had found a new home!  Yesterday while out junking, I found another.  (I’ve never found one this large in the past!)

This post and today’s facebook post are my attempts to get that info to her!  We’ll keep you posted.

~SOLD~ Somebody loved it-hurray!