New Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop Schedule

Or stockists are offering four Beginner’s workshops next month.  The proposed dates are Sunday, June 3 and Monday June 4 along with Sunday June 17 and Monday June 18.  Please contact the store for more information and to make payment.  Each workshop includes all supplies needed and light refreshments – $125.  Also let us know the times that might work for you to attend on either day.. A minimum of three is required to hold a workshop – 4 fills the workshop.

Fully stocked shelves - subject to sale, please call to verify your product is in stock!

Books for inspiration and color samplers

Call or email us thru our contact information for more information, to reserve your spot and prepay for the workshop.

The cutest closet space ever!!

When we moved into this house, we were thrilled to find HUGE closets!  We rent two of them to vendors and this one was recently reworked and I thought I would share.  Miss 3’z A Pear was busy and it is darling!  The little pew that I only managed to get glimpses of in the pictures was the perfect place to sit and take pictures.  I should have turned around and gotten a full shot of it…next time.

Looking into the door to the right

Inside the door against the wall

Looking inside the door to the left - notice the setup of ladder and shutter shelves?

The little shelf above it all

Great stuff, right??  Come and visit her little closet!!