Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Restocked!

paint shelf

Our stockist has replenished her stock in the shop although we are now out of dark wax again-soon to be here.  (Edited:  3 Cans available as of 1/26/12)

Quart cans of paint are $38.95 each, the wax is $24.95 a can, test pots are $10 each and there is still one fan deck for $20.  Call us if you need further information at 503-362-3341.

Two paint books left @ $19.95

 Not to seem pushy, but the way this stuff is selling, please buy it when you find it here.  It is very hard to keep in stock due to its immense popularity!!  And we are grateful to have our own personal stockists!

Terrific little green shelf!

Okay, this has been here a few days but I really looked at it today and I love it!!!  Made from what I first thought might be a chair, I now think it is made from a doll bed – maybe.  To tell you the truth, I don’t know for sure,  I’m going to have ask Miss Trixie.  Chippy green over yellow paint, two tiny hinges, a sheet of glass and voila!!!  A wonderful shelf!!

darling shelf!

closeup of the side

and a view of the whole:

next to it-A Physician's Prayer

Loving the greens on this dreary, rainy day!

Strange Weather!!!

We have had some really strange weather for the Pacific NW this week but we are praying that the worst is over!  Salem has flooded in several areas as have outlying towns due to the terrific amount of rain we experienced in a short period of time!  We are a little higher here but neighbors weren’t so lucky.

On a cheerier note, I have to share this darling vignette in Miss Wilma’s space:

The shades on the lamps are adorable and we adore the wire cloche and stand in the center!

Too cute not to share!

Miss Trixie has outdone herself with this little three piece set.  Ready to throw up her hands after a series of unfortunate accidents,. we think this turned out beautifully!!   ~SOLD! ~

Done in a metallic charcoal and black, the stenciled leaf design mimics the pattern in the fabric on the seats (oops, I will have to add a picture of them).

More pictures of new things in the shop soon!  We hope everyone’s new year is off to a terrific beginning!

the entire three pieces

looking down on the top