A Lovely Versatile Piece of Furniture

Miss Sophia brought this piece freshly painted in ASCP Old White and waxed in a combo of light and dark waxes (she’s REALLY good at hitting the accents!).  I thought at first “oh, cool buffet piece”.  Those end pieces that raise add a bunch of extra serving space!  Great storage below and in the drawers too!  ~ SOLD! ~

Since then I’ve thought of a few more ways to use it.

Pretty, huh?

 I thought it would be great for a flat screen tv with all those component pieces below-great access with wireless remotes and drawers for dvds,  games, controllers, etc.

And how about in a bathroom holding baskets for all those hair things like dryers, curling irons, crimpers, straighteners…  Or holding rolls of tissue, stacks of towels and loads of table space for jars of pretties like soap, cotton balls, q-tips (pretty ?).

In a baby’s nursery for a changing table with lots of storage for diapers, blankets, sheets, towels and drawers for small items.

In an entry way for holding baskets or boxes for mittens, keys, mail, homework, etc!

See, lots of uses – most importantly it is gorgeous!!!!

Another Annie Sloan project completed!

I have to say I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one  (and the discouraging comment from the Hubs was no help).

When I first painted it in Paris Grey it just needed a little something more.  So I mixed some black glaze, had a ball applying and removing it, then I distressed and waxed.

His comment you ask – You’ve muddied the paint – or words to that affect.  Uh oh, but I thought it looked pretty darn good!  After a fabric search (I am not a fabric person either!), I came home with three choices and we decided on this one.

Your turn to weigh in now – my partners seem to like it a LOT!

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New Years Postcards

I think I bought this shoe box full of postcards about 15 years ago and have finally this year remembered to bring them in in a timely manner for our collectors!!

No way am I pushing us past Christmas but New Years is just one day so I thought I’d share these charming antiques (yep, some are dated!) with you,

A little over a week until Christmas ~ yikes!!

The more I use it, the more I LOVE it!

Annie Sloan chalk paint I mean.  I used graphite for the first time recently and have to say I think the color is wonderful!  We’ve sold hundreds of dark black pieces in the past but this one is a contender!!

A hard color to capture accurately - kind of like a dark slate tile.

I’ve recently used the Paris Grey-Miss Sophia has painted several things in it before and I knew I liked it.  Now I LOVE it.  This old cedar chest was sad but after a bit of gluing and clamping and two coats of grey plus distressing and a coat of clear wax – Voila!  Ready for many more years of service. (It had me at the applique so I took it home where it has sat for a couple of years.)

Upcycled Roos cedar chest in ASCP Paris Grey.

 Our “personal” stockist is taking training this week and she will be happy to offer classes for all interested in the near future!  Meanwhile, she is fully stocked and ready to share all her paint and wax!!

Happy December!!

The month of November flew by us with the move and our Holiday Open House-perhaps December will take its time?!  Christmas items are coming in daily so stop by for a look!

An antique sled of wood and metal accented with antique skates on a wreath

Side view-still usable but terrific as porch decor!

A slightly more "modern" one with Christmas decor.

Take time to enjoy the season!