Take a break

and enjoy this setting!  Three vintage doors that can be fastened together to form a screen or backdrop on the patio (or in your home!) for two vintage blue and white garden chairs.  Add a tall glass of iced tea and your favorite magazines and let’s get summer started around here!!

Doors – set of 3 – $198 and Chairs $78 each.  Let us know if you can’t live without them!

ASCP Old White Cabinet

So far, I’ve only used Annie Sloan’s Old White but I intend to use more of her colors in the future.  The antique bed set I painted first used up an entire can so I was almost afraid to paint this cabinet-but I do have some left!

I sent the hub after her and told him I did not want to pay what they were asking because of the work (and dirt) involved so he did his best and I am very happy with the deal!  (Sorry – no before picture – I was excited!)

cute keyhole detail at top

glass knob - two adjustable shelves

matching keyhole at the bottom

Not too bad for the dirtiest pink cabinet I have ever seen, huh?  Too bad a big patch of the original paint was missing because it had the most wonderful natural crackle but no way to duplicate or repair it.  Otherwise, I would have scrubbed her good and called it done!

Thank you Annie Sloan for no sanding or priming!

FOLK Magazine – A new publication

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors – one of my all time favorite blogs-is having a giveaway for a one year subscription to this new publication.  Check out all the details here.

It looks like a good one and Donna is going to be a regular contributor to their magazine.  Obviously these people recognize talent when they see it and wasted no time asking for her help!  Congrats, Donna!

Release Date will be September 1st!