New patriotic post!

Since the previous furniture pieces shown in the red, white and blue entry have found new homes, thought we’d share the current version!  The newest piece is Miss Sophia’s Union Jack dresser-a terrific upcycled Basset three drawer dresser that she has hand painted in updated colors.


Union Jack dresser

On the other side can be found a taller red dresser with glass knobs and an assortment of interesting red, white and blue things.  The vintage wool sailors blouse adds a nice historical touch!

Then we accessorize with all we can lay our hands on!


still love the lamps and their touches of red, white blue and gold!

love the vintage sparkler box!

this shirt is a kick!

And we all are:


Interesting spots in the shop

Taking a break for a second-sold two large pieces and have been pushing and shoving to fill those empty spots-hurray!!


cute pieces for a spot to sit and chat

Even though I know there are great pieces coming in, there is always  a bit of a panicked feeling when things leave in groups!  A dance floor is not what we want to present to our customers.


third time we've redone the entry way - sorry for the weird angle! ~SOLD~

Ahh, looking around, things are looking good!


love, love, love this old typewriter stand! ~SOLD~

See ya soon with more new things!

New Facebook Link

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In the Pacific Northwest, we have a bunch of cloudy days

so we always try to have a bunch of cute lamps!  They brighten our days, our shop and our customers love to take them home and brighten theirs they say.


this pair is SOLD-thank you!


As you can see, there are all shapes and sizes and these are only a few of those in the dining room and living room.  Plenty more throughout the rest of the shop, believe me …  all with the same purpose-to shed some light!

As promised, the patio!


Or parts of it since there is a lot of it!  We are loving all the plants~thank you, Miss Ida Rose!

lovely ladder!
great garden cart!
huge birdcage!
pansies in a potty!
the prettiest toolbox ever!!!!

We are so enjoying the sunshine!!

~Interesting…WordPress wants everything left justified today regardless of what I want~


you just have to rearrange the furniture to give the shop a new look and highlight the new pieces!  Whatcha think?

Looking into the living room from the counter. ~Fish Table SOLD~

We lightened up this corner a bit – two tall black pieces had been there and things were a bit gloomy!  Now it is pretty airy.

And we love the fish table!

Next up, the revamped patio!  Lots of great things out there!