Ida Rose loves her plants …

And is sharing some with us on our patio!  She and I have have discovered a mutual adoration for sedums and sempervivums and she’s brought some of those too.  They are darling in terra cotta planters as you can see below!

(Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them)

and the pansies are just adorable!

Hooray for sunny days!  Have a great weekend!

Vintage Black China Hutch

This one has been a challenge-getting enough black paint on it to cover all the tired brown finish.  Every time we shifted it in the sun we could see where we’d missed a few spots-always fun!  Then the glass handles required longer screws and we forgot the pieces to hold the glass in the doors, and on and on-thank goodness for a patient hubby!!  (And the promise I have held him to since he retired almost 3 years ago.)

Definitely vintage, definitely large and definitely terrific looking now!!!

Looking for a new home!

A Quick Makeover – Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint (Heart)

Can we use ORB Paint enough?  I don’t think so!  What a fabulous color and how it makes any ordinary object not so ordinary:


Inexpensive clock

Bad paint and even worse clock face!

Front and back painted with ORB paint after the clock face removed.

Glue on a mirror and voila!


Great on an inside wall or on a patio!

Pretty views in the shop

Love, love, LOVE it when things leave and new things arrive!!

Vintage patio set - freshly updated ~SOLD~

and other things are rearranged and set each other off beautifully!


Lovely together in front of the fireplace.

Perfect and together for the first time! ~Both pieces SOLD~

Stay tuned for a special announcement soon!