We are in love with this applique!

Original to these three pieces of furniture, we adore baskets of flowers!!

roomy dresser with lots of storage ~SOLD~

closeup of the applique

the full size bed has two of them!

the vanity has a garland of roses over the center mirror

and the basket applique at the bottom of the full size mirror!

Sorry for the crazy lighting in the pictures – we had a passing rain  deluge!!

~ Contact us for more details about the pieces seen here ~

Two New Vendors in the Cellar!!

We’ve known Ida Rose and Anna Belle for quite some time and since they’ve decided to jump back into the business we are more than thrilled they have joined us!  Love the fresh spring look to their new space!

We had no idea they could arrange so many lovely things in such a small area!  Great job, ladies!!

Most of all, WELCOME to Serendipity!